Clay Pigeon Shooting Disciplines - Trap Shooting

Published on: November 20, 2018

Trap shooting is has a number of disciplines associated with it. the call of a shooter oscillating trap throws a target at a consistent height but at an unknown angle somewhere within a 34-degree arc. The bird rises quickly, levels off, and falls 50 yards from the trap. Their are two main 

Double Trap

Double trap consists of three trap machines a that alternatly thorw simultaneous pairs of clays at the shooters call.

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Olympic Trap

An olympic trap layout consists of 15 traps that are arranged into 5 groups of 3. The traps are concieled in a trench in front of the shooting stands. Each shooter takes it in turns to shoot at a target before moving to the next stand. Each target is thrown upon the shooters call and each shooter will recieve the same targets selection at some point during the round. Olympic Trap targets are set to travel 75 to 80 metres at varying elevations and with a maximum horizontal angle of 45 degrees either side of the centre line. Scoring is done of the basis of 1 point per target killed, regardless of whether this is achieved with the first or with the second barrel.

To find a Olympic Trap shoot near you follow the link below

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