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ShootingClays was created to unlock all of the UKs Clay Pigeon shoots to people.

As a Gun looking for clay pigeon shooting you can search for clay pigeon shoots by location, shooting discipline and open date and time. The current disciplines listed are English Sporting, F.I.T.A.S.C Sporting, English Skeet, Olympic Skeet, All Round, Down the line, Olympic Trap, Double Trap, ABT, Universal Trench, Sportrap and Helice.

Logged in users can contact shoots and favourite them. Favouriting allows users to receive updates on events and new information on the shoots.

As a Shoot looking to grow your user base you can login and upload your shoots with ease, security and best of all its totally free. Add all your information including contact information, opening hours and events, clay pigeon shooting disciplines, clay pigeon shooting facilities and images.

Adding as much accurate detail as possible allows users to find your shoot with ease and ultimately bringing more shooters to your shoot.